Ivan Petrovic Prize

The Ivan Petrovic prize is awarded annually at the eCAADe Conference for the best presentation by a young researcher (under 35 years of age).

The prize is awarded in memory of the former Vice President of eCAADe, Professor Ivan Petrovic, whose enthusiastic and energetic approach to research and education in Computer Aided Architectural design was an inspiration to many in the field.

The prize-winner receives a certificate, a free place at a future eCAADe Conference, a one years subscription to IJAC and help to publish the paper in IJAC.

2013 Prize Winner, eCAADe Delft, Netherlands: This year’s winner of the Ivan Petrovich prize was Zjenja Doubrovski with the paper Biological Computation for Digital Design and Fabrication.

Zjenja Doubrovski

Winner of the 2013 Ivan Petrovich prize, Zjenja Doubrovski

2012 Prize-winner, eCAADe Prague, Czech RepublicThis year’s winner of the Ivan Petrovich prize was Bruno Araújo with the paper Combining Virtual Environments and Direct Manipulation for Architectural Modelling.

2011 Prize-winners, eCAADe Ljubljana, Slovenia:  The winner of the 2011 Ivan Petrovich prize was David Lemberski with the paper TouchControl: An interactive multi-touch 3D design tool.

2010 Prize-winners, eCAADe Zurich, Switzerland:
The winners of the 2010 Ivan Petrovich prize, were Katarina Novakova with the paper A Design Studio Pedagogy for Experiments in Collaborative Design, and Pia Fricker with the paper Towards a Meaningful Usage of Digital CNC Tools.

2009 Prize-winners, eCAADe Istanbul, Turkey:
The winner of the 2009 Ivan Petrovich prize, was Gabriel Wurzer with the paper
Systems: Constraining Functions through Processes (and Vice Versa). For more information on the 2009 awards, plus details of this years runners up, click [here].

2008 Prize-winners, eCAADe Antwerp, Belgium:
This year an on-line anonymous voting system was adopted for the first time, thanks to the hosts, Marc Muylle and his team. In a very close contest there was winner and we had four runners up. The Council commented on both the very high quality of research, and presentation of the research at the Conference. The winner was Louisa Dalla Vecchia.

2007 Prize-winners, eCAADe Frankfurt, Germany:
The Ivan Petrovic prize was shared between Pablo Grazziotin and Luis Felipe González Böhme. Pablo presented the paper: City Zoom by Turkienicz, Benamy; Bellaver, Bábara; Grazziotin, Pablo. Luis presented the paper by Donath, Dirk; Böhme, Luis Felipe González (2007) entitled Constraint-Based Design in Participatory Housing Planning.

2006 Prize-winners, eCAADe Volos, Greece:
The winner was Eyal Nir, of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat-Gan, Israel with a paper on Parametric Point Clouds. Runners up were Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris and Theodore Dounas who receive a year’s subscription to IJAC as their prize.

2005 Prize-winners, eCAADe Lisbon:
Shared between Axel Kilian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge USA, and Agnieszka Sowa, Assistant at the Chair of CAD at Bialystok Technical University, Poland.

2004 Prize-winner, eCAADe Copenhagen:
Shared between Claire Hannibal, Liverpool University School of Architecture and Claus-Jürgen Schink, University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

2003 Prize-winner, eCAADe Graz:

Silke LANG, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Lang, Silke and Hovestadt, Ludger (2003) An architectural framework within a spatially immersive real-time environment for advanced communication and collaboration, Digital Design [21st eCAADe Conference Proceedings / ISBN 0-9541183-1-6] Graz (Austria) 17-20 September 2003, pp. 37-43.
[download full paper in PDF format]

2002 Prize-winner, eCAADe Warsaw:
Shen Kai TANG, NCTU, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Lee, H.-L., Liu, Y.-T., Chen, S.-C., Tang, S.-K. and Huang, C.-P., Huang, C.-H., Chang, Y.-L., Chang, K.-W. and Chen, K.-Y. (2002) A Comparative study of protocol analysis for – Spatiality of a Text-based Cyberspace, Connecting the Real and the Virtual – design e-ducation [20th eCAADe Conference Proceedings / ISBN 0-9541183-0-8] Warsaw (Poland) 18-20 September 2002, pp. 262-266
[download full paper in PDF format]

2001 Prize-winner, eCAADe Helsinki:
Shared between Damien HANSER and Gilles HALIN, CRAI, Nancy, France

Hanser, D., Halin, G. and Bignon, J.-C. (2001) Relation-Based Groupware For Heterogeneous Design Teams, Architectural Information Management [19th eCAADe Conference Proceedings / ISBN 0-9523687-8-1] Helsinki (Finland) 29-31 August 2001, pp. 86-91
[download full paper in PDF format]

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