General information


Bachelor level courses are all taught in the Finnish language only. On Masters’ level teaching in English is provided in the International Master's Programme in Architecture, available both for degree students and exchange students of the faculty.


Autumn term: August week 35 – December week 50
Spring term: January week 2  – May week 20

The academic year consists of two semesters. The first starts in late August and ends in mid-December. The second semester begins in early January and ends in May. Both semesters are divided into two halves with an exam week in-between (week 43 in the autumn and 10 in the spring).

There is a break of three weeks at Christmas and an Easter break of one week. In the spring semester, classes finish by mid-May, yet some critiques, dissertation work and diploma presentations are held in the second half of May. There is no summer semester, but during the summer, students may attend workshops, take exams, work on personal projects, or do research.

Academic system

Last updated: 27/6/2016