eCAADe 2017 – ShoCK!

Sapienza University of Rome was founded in 1303 and the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering was established in 1817.
In 2017 we will celebrate the Bicentennial and are honoured and proud to host the 35th Annual International Conference of eCAADe – Educational and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe.

Submission Statistic
Submission Statistic

In 1986 we hosted 4th eCAADe Conference; “Teaching Research Experience with C.A.A.D.” – Chair Gianfranco Carrara, one of the eCAADe Founders


35th eCAADe Conference, Rome | Sharing of Computable Knowledge |  20th – 22nd September 2017

eCAADe is a non-profit making association of institutions and individuals with a common interest in promoting good practice and sharing information in relation to the use of computers in education and research in architecture and related professions. eCAADe was founded in 1983.

Important Dates
1st October 2016                         Call for Papers
1st February 2017                        Deadline for extended abstracts
1st April 2017                                Acceptance of extended abstracts
1st June 2017                               Deadline for full papers
18th – 19th September 2017       eCAADe Workshops
20th – 22nd September 2017      eCAADe Conference

The eCAADe annual international conference is hosted by a different member university each year. eCAADe initiated and manages the very successful CUMINCAD archive of research publications in the field of CAAD. This is a valuable resource for researchers, educators and others in the field.

eCAADe works in collaboration with sibling international associations in the field:
ACADIA – – North America, est 1981;
ASCAAD – North Africa and Middle East, est 2001;
CAADFutures – America and Europe, est 1985;
CAADRIA – Asia and Oceania, est 1996;
SIGraDI – South America and Iberica peninsula, est 2005.

eCAADe has also collaborated with these associations to create an exciting international journal called International Journal of Architectural Computing.

Conference Theme
Internet of Things, pervasive nets, Knowledge ‘on tap’, Big Data, Wearable devices and the ‘Third wave’ of AI are disruptive technologies that are upsetting our globalised world as far as it can be foreseen from now on.
So academicians, professionals, researchers, students, innovation factories… are warmly invited to further shake up and boost our innovative and beloved CAAD world with new ideas, paradigms and points of view.
Will our fine buildings and design traditions survive? Or, will they ‘simply’ be hybridized and enhanced by methods, techniques and CAAD tools? Obviously computation is needed to match the ever-growing performance requirements, but this is not enough to answer all these questions; we have to deal with the essence of problems: improve design solutions for a better life!
As life is not a matter of single individuals, we need to increase collaboration and to improve knowledge sharing. This means going back to focus on human beings, and involves the humanistic approach, and the long history of design… from handicrafts to thinking to technology… and vice versa.
A large spiral of architectura as eternal as our city.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Conference Logo Contest

Conference Topics
They may include, but are not limited to:

AI for design and built environment
Building Information Modeling
CAAD and creativity
CAAD curriculum
City modelling and GIS
Collaborative and participative design
Design strategies and biomimicry
Design tools and agent-based systems

Digital application in construction
Digital representation and visualisation
Digital design for sustainable buildings
Digital fabrication and robotics
Digital heritage
HCI in design
IoT for built environments
Material studies

Parametric and generative design
Responsive environments and smart spaces
Shape and form studies
Simulation, prediction and evaluation
Smart cities
Space syntax and ontologies
Virtual and augmented reality
Virtual and physical prototyping
Web based design


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